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Dr. Irmhild Zuehlsdorff, (German) - July 2007
Schwarzsr Bär 4 30449, Hannoves, Germany / Ref: KA - 00000005

We had a wonderful and unforgettable journey in Cambodia with Asia Explorer Travel, All ground handling services are extremely excellent, as such transportation is good, drivers' attitude and services are excellent, our tour guides are excellent, knowledgeable and well trained, we lovely visiting the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, It's mostly attraction.

Mr. Peter Thobaben, (German) - July 2007
Schrohrzer Bäry, D-30443 Hannoves, Germany
E-mail: peter.thobaben@arcor.de / Ref: KA - 00000005 x 2pax

The tour was extremely well arranged adding us to visit all the places of particular interest to our experience of Cambodia. The overall comments; nice tours, excellent tour guides, transportation, accommodation and relevant services.  We will tell our friends about you (Asia Explorer Travel) whether they are planning to visit the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Mr. Philipe TAPIA - Paris, French - Aurust 2007
Tour Leader for group ALCTx40pax / Ref: KA - 00000001 x 40pax

All services are excellent, especially tour guides and drivers, but we would recommend changing to use other hotel instead of the one we stayed.

Auelle Trim Thornton - September 2008
Midoueton wall pickering / Ref: KA - 0099

Good choice of restaurants organized for us on the evennig,We love visit Angkor Wat and the fishing in Tonle Sap Lake, We had a pleasure few days, The soft in the hotel were wonderful.

HB Tan - April 2008
E-mail: hbgltam@singnet.com.sg / Ref: KA - 00095

Full of history, It's great and very wonderful tour, Well orgainized so much. Would like more geographical facts and recent history of Cambodia.

Tafler - June 2008
Th-Neubeaer, St24 06130Halle
E-mail: gudrcen888@freenet.de / Ref: KA - 00000074
Transportation: Driver attitude and Service, Tour giude: knowledge and skill are excellent. Accommodation: hotel facillities. All services are excellent.

Keith Hulsey (USA) - June 2008
5600 Oakland Ave, St Louis, Mo 63110 USA
E-mail: kchulsey@yahoo.com / Ref: KA - 0000089

We really like Mr. Chamrong's ability to help our group avoid crowds by suggesting routes to take throught the temples, We saw alot.

Pesavento Paola & Cappelletto Nadia (Italy) - July, 2008
Viaolo Rens N 6 & Via Della Torre N 37 / Ref: KA - 000107

The tour guide and the driver were really kind and skillfull and helpfull. All the hotel beside the one in Rathakiri (Terres Rouger).

GR Badger (UK) - April 2009
44, St. Auderews way fly cambs cb6 3dz UK
E-mail: bobbadger44@btinternet.com / Ref: KA - 000112

All services are excellent.as such tour guide and driver..., We love tour in Cambodia and we will come back again in the future.

Kassu Themas Smith - May 2009
224 Springwoo Springwoo / Ref: KA - 00000190

The travel short but it's so sweet, all service are excellent such as Transportation,Driver attitude and Guide are excellent, knowledgeable and well trained.We love tour in Cambodia with Asia Explorer Travel, we will come again.

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