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Asia Explorer Travel - Cambodia Co.,Ltd is the tour operator and travel agency, which's registered officially from the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Tourism, Transportation and Taxation, and is an active member of many associations including a member of CATA (Cambodia Association of Travel Agency). We've been selected to be a gold status membership for the Heritage Friendly Business Pledge by the USAID for its Heritage Watch. We've also been selected to be a member of ECPAT-Cambodia for the child-safe of Tourism campaign. And we've also been selected to get an Tourism Alliance Award in 2009 for ''the best inbound tour operator in Cambodia'', organized by the IRR-Singapore exhibition committee. Last we've been chosen to be an exclusively service provider for the official crews and sailors of the USA navy for every cruise and ship that embarks in Cambodia.

We are the first selected among a couple of hundred of CATA members by SNV for the Responsible Travel Business practice, which practices and promotes responsible Tourism in Cambodia. Sustainable and Responsible Tourism have also always been a part of the Asia Explorer Travel vocabulary since the founding of the company. But like all good causes, it has no value unless their are some objectives and policies in place that are known. Therefore we have implemented some goals for our company, staffs and our guests, so that the world we share can pass those goals to our children and future generations.

We have developed a long term sustainable development strategy based on the operation of Responsible Tourism Policy categorized into environmental, social, community and economic development.

We recognize that the environments, cultures and economies of many of the geographic areas in which we conduct our business, are fragile. Require a sustained commitment to ensure that any visits have a lasting positive effect on the local environment and community. Which can positively affect local communities by providing income, positive cultural exchange and financial incentive to preserve the heritage sites, community development and natural environment. When we have direct contact with our suppliers, we also ensure that the suppliers we choose to work with, operate business in accordance with Responible Tourism Principles we have adopted. To implement a successful Responsible Travel. Our staffs and suppliers are well-trained, aware and interactive the positive and negative impact to the environments, cultures, sociality, community and economics. Our sales team, who are recognized to implement this unique thing, are focused on 'small groups' and 'tailor-made travellers' which we believe is the best suited to the Responsible tourism policy. Especially for ''low impact and high value'' to the local and environmental aspects.

With our network of regional offices and devoted staffs, travellers can look forward to a perfectly organized trip with good transfers from one region to the other. We offer a fair travel consultancy service and a real responsible travel practice with creative tour packages tailor-made to the diverse and wide-ranging needs of all travellers.

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