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Timeline of Performance

Asia Explorer Travel is committed and has continually emphasized on prompt and timely response to customer enquires and we are committed to maintain our published timetable and ensure we keep to our commitment made our customers. As soon as we are advised of the Ship’s arrival we send our contact details to the ship and ready to begin processing their enquiries promptly and ensure all their requirements are being met. We will also monitor the service requirements and report immediately of any unforeseen circumstances to the ship, which may cause any delay or problems with any of the prior arrangements.

Business Practices:
Asia Explorer Travel adopt some of the best business practices in all of the services provide to our customers including the US Navy. All inquiries and questions will be answered immediately and honestly and you will find our dedicated staffs competent and responsive that possess good local knowledge across all area of administration of our tours, accommodation and any similar travel related requirements. Our staff is trained to provide accurate information and is experienced in dealing with military protocols who are also briefed no the hierarchal chain of command so are able to assist form the top Commander to those just joining the ship. Our Company has a strict code of ethics and ethical behavior that our staffs are required to comply.

Customer Satisfaction:
As mentioned previously we conduct our customer survey after each trip and whenever we find if there is any lapse in our services, we will immediately rectify the problem by contacting the supplier or our staff concerned and either obtain a refund or resolve the issue to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. If the issue is more complicated then we will advise the ship’s MWR Officer of the situation and will do everything in our power to resolve the problem prior to the ship’s departure while the person(s) is still in the country. If this is not possible we will work with the ship to ensure an outcome is obtained as quickly as possible. Our objective is to ensure that all members of the ship will have a positive and memorable experience when visiting Cambodia – the Abode of peace. Our fulltime staff / guides are given proper training and strict instructions to promote the health and safety and welfare of our visitors at all times and to optimize customer goodwill and morale whenever possible. All reasonable customer requests will be accommodated to enhance the customer satisfaction. Strict safety procedure is followed to minimize problem and emergencies and any complaints or dissatisfaction will have to be reported promptly and resolved correctly.

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