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Asia Explorer Travel - Cambodia, is the tour operator and travel agency, which's registered officially from the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Tourism, Transportation and Taxation, and is an active member of many associations including a member of CATA (Cambodia Association of Travel Agency).
We have developed a long term sustainable development strategy based on the operation of Responsible Tourism Policy categorized into environmental, social, community and economic development.

Asia Explorer Travel - Cambodia is potentially optimistic, you will be able to learn more about our country and the warmest smiling people due to your arrivals. That should made total foreign exchange some earnings, and it's now growing in entrepreneurial opportunities for the historical disadventages, poverty relief, employment and local economic development. It is a relatively labor intensive industry and it creates more employees a multiplicity of skills from the local community.

With our network of regional offices and devoted staffs, travellers can look forward to a perfectly organized trip with good transfers from one region to the other. We offer a fair travel consultancy service and a real responsible travel practice with creative tour packages tailor-made to the diverse and wide-ranging needs of all travellers.

Due to this clients will be optismistic about our company and will tell it to other people. If you're a partner with us, you will see positive effects of the mouth-by-mouth information people are tellling to everyone. Your company will get more clients because they are satisfied about the services between our company and yours.

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